Infotel’s latest software release targets enterprises subject to extensive data management and compliance regulations. Arvitam preserves digital assets for the long term both securely and conveniently across multiple industries and has been updated for improved user experience and efficiency

Tampa-based global software vendor Infotel Corp. announced today the latest version of its digital preservation and data modernization solution, Arvitam. This latest version of the software comes on the heels of several new data protection laws and standards recently announced across the globe, and the product has been updated with new features aimed at improving the user experience.

“The amount of data organizations are tasked with managing has exploded, and will continue to rise exponentially in the coming years,” said Infotel’s Pre-sales and Product Innovation Manager Morgan Attias. “Our latest version of Arvitam is tailored toward enterprises that are required to store and archive their data for long periods of time that must also meet increasingly complicated compliance standards.”

With this latest version of Arvitam, Infotel aims to further reduce the distance between the enterprise data lake and enterprise data compliance with an improved user interface, better data visualization and threat detection, and new features for compliance with alerts, all from a single application.

This latest release of Arvitam can be installed over the current Arvitam version with no special considerations. Infotel customers can contact their Infotel account manager or the Infotel support team for additional information on this latest release. Updated features of the latest Arvitam version include, but are not limited to:

  • Improved user interface by pre-generating thumbnails for large object extracts, allowing for a better understanding of digital preservation operations.
  • Improvements for users to quickly verify alerts visually and detect anomalies, allowing for faster threat detection.
  • Improved features for compliance with data management systems and allowing customers to be certified on the system.
  • More granular control over activities related to log files. The new log mechanism complements the existing trace files, allowing for more customization so users and managers aren’t bogged down with unnecessary clutter in log files.
  • Improvements in automation allowing users to quickly verify alerts about anomalous activity against the archive, improving data compliance.

These updates are the direct result of valuable insight Infotel gained from user feedback and is intended to help ease the burden of increasingly large workloads for today’s data management professionals. With more security and compliance standards scheduled for release in the U.S. and abroad in the coming years, these updates further position Arvitam as a viable component of Records Information Management and Information Governance in large enterprises.

“Our goal at Infotel is to be a staunch ally to customer IT teams tasked with delivering services securely and within compliance constraints in large data centers,” said Jeff Castella, vice president of Infotel Corp. “We know how difficult it can be to maintain SLAs with fewer resources, and Arvitam is just one of our solutions geared towards helping IT do more with less.”

Infotel will also be showcasing this latest version of Arvitam on the global tech conference circuit this year at several industry-leading events for data management and privacy professionals. The Infotel team will be exhibiting at the IAPP Global Privacy Summit in Washington, D.C. in April, SHARE New Orleans 2023 in August, the International Conference on Digital Preservation (iPRES) in Champaign-Urbana, Illinois in September, and ARMA Infocon 2023 in Detroit in October.

Anyone interested in learning more about Infotel’s Arvitam software can visit arvitam.com to schedule a demo with our experienced support team.

About Infotel Corp.
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