Infotel is excited to sponsor and exhibit at one of the industry’s most important conferences for Db2 professionals for continuing education, face-to-face networking opportunities, and live technical sessions focusing on data governance and archiving for preservation of evidentiary data.

Global software vendor and IT consulting firm Infotel Corp. Today announced its sponsorship of the 2022 IDUG Db2 Tech Conference in Boston this July.

Held at the Sheraton Boston from July 11 to July 14, this year’s IDUG Db2 Tech Conference brings together Db2 professionals from across the continent for 110+ educational technical breakout sessions, and Infotel will be showcasing their products deepeo™, Arvitam™, DB/IQ, and Eccox APT. The conference will also be accompanied by a virtual IDUG environment for online participation.

“We’re very excited to visit with clients and partners in person at IDUG Boston,” said Jeff Castella, Infotel’s Managing Director of Software. “We believe the best business interactions come from in-person events like IDUG and this is the best way to serve both customers and partners, these on-site meetings.”

Infotel Sponsors Speaking Slot with Db2 Industry Thought Leader Craig S. Mullins

In addition to its sponsorship, Infotel will also host an educational speaking session on data governance with global Db2 consultant and author Craig S. Mullins and Infotel’s Senior Consultant Morgan Attias.

Titled “To Protect and Preserve: Treat Your Data Properly or Pay the Consequences,” Mullins and Attias will focus on the importance of data governance and archiving for the preservation of evidentiary data as they introduce Infotel’s newest products deepeo, a data management and “housekeeping” product, and Arvitam, an archiving and records management product.

Both deepeo and Arvitam are two products meant to meet the needs of enterprise-sized organizations as digital transformation and data governance introduce new challenges for IT professionals tasked with safeguarding sensitive and highly regulated data.

“The past 2 years have been a barren wasteland for in-person tech conferences, so many Db2 folks, me included, are really looking forward to IDUG in Boston this July. I’ll be presenting several sessions, but also attending and interacting with all Db2 professionals, which will be a welcome experience again!” said Mullins.

Mullins will be a special guest in the Infotel booth at the IDUG Boston Expo Monday evening, July 11 from 5:30-7:30. All attendees are welcome to stop by and talk all things Db2 with Mullins and the team.

IDUG Boston will be a hybrid event, with select sessions available online for virtual participation.

Mullins Speaking Session Details:

What: “To Protect and Preserve: Treat Your Data Properly or Pay the Consequences”
When: Tuesday, July 12th at 10:15 a.m. EDT
Where: Sheraton Boston V01 Independence West Ball Room
Who: Craig S. Mullins, President and Principal Consultant of Mullins Consulting, and Morgan Attias, Senior Consultant, Infotel Corp.

About Craig S. Mullins
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