Following successful deployments of its enterprise archiving product Arcsys in Europe, Infotel Corp. announces the launch of the product under the brand Arvitam in North America. Arvitam is a secure, unified archiving platform for all types of electronically stored information across large enterprises in the U.S. and Canadian markets.

Infotel Corp., a leading global software vendor of data performance and optimization solutions, today announced its digital archiving product, Arvitam, is generally available in North America. Arvitam is a high-performance, modular electronic archiving system used to protect, preserve and retrieve data. Arvitam archives digital assets in complete security for the long-term life cycle of business records and offers customizable controls per jurisdiction to ensure full compliance with localized Records Information Management or RIM policies. Arvitam is ideal for organizations that have undertaken digital transformation initiatives and process large quantities of client-facing documents on a recurring basis and is ideally suited for insurance, banking/finance, energy, metals/mining, and scientific/research industries.

“The Enterprise Archiving market is expected to grow eight-fold in the next three years,” said Infotel Corp. Managing Director Jeff Castella. “This technology has already shown great levels of customer adoption and success in Europe in several market sectors, and we are excited to have our teams in North America now offering it to Infotel customers and prospects there.”

In contrast to competing solutions, Arvitam is an open, modular and highly adaptable solution, capable of ingesting and archiving all enterprise business records within the constraints of differing compliance requirements. Arvitam adapts to the budgetary requirements of the business and can manage the requirements of both Archiving and RIM. The solution delivers high-speed data ingestion and access from archives with metadata, and can handle multiple classification frameworks and policies to ensure accurate records management.

The flexibility of the Arvitam architecture makes it a great fit in a multitude of industries, both commercial and public, and in a testament of its ease of configuration and use, third-party systems integrators also deploy the solution. Arvitam addresses the need for a single solution to manage every enterprise business record, regardless of hardware or operating system.

Arvitam can be the backend or frontend (or both) for all documents and files stored within an organization, while ensuring security with an audit trail. For example, Arvitam can provide an HR department with a highly reliable archiving system while enabling the sales department to manage invoices and contracts, all in compliance with data privacy and industry regulations such as GDPR, PSDC, ISO-27001, HIPAA, CCPA and others.

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