Global leader in mainframe software Infotel Corp. to sponsor IDUG® NA Db2 Tech Conference in Philadelphia. Infotel will showcase its latest database management product releases for the IBM® z/OS® Db2® system.

Tampa-based global software vendor and IT consulting firm Infotel Corp. today announced its sponsorship of the 2023 IDUG North America Db2 Tech Conference in Philadelphia, May 15-19. Infotel will also be sponsoring a Partner Sponsored Presentation (PSP) with global Db2 expert Craig S. Mullins and Infotel’s senior technical manager Thierry Hubert on intelligent automation for Db2. Hubert’s portion of the PSP will feature a Db2 automation use case from one of Infotel’s customers.

Held this year at the historic Loews Philadelphia Hotel, IDUG NA brings together Db2 professionals from across the continent for over 100 educational sessions with first-class presenters; educational workshops before, during, and after the conference; fundamentals courses; and IBM’s certification and badging opportunities.

“The Infotel team is thrilled to once again attend the 2023 IDUG North American Db2 Tech Conference, held this year in Philadelphia,” said Jeff Castella, Infotel Corp’s vice president of software. “IDUG events provide the Db2 community with unparalleled opportunities for education, networking, and furthering business, and we always come away from these conferences having made genuine connections with our peers and customers in the Db2 space.”

In addition to providing major sponsorship support of IDUG EMEA, Infotel will be sponsoring a presentation by one of the top minds in the mainframe space, author Craig S. Mullins. Mullins’s presentation, titled “Intelligent Automation of Db2 Administration and Management,” will cover topics such as the importance of automation for mainframe database administrators, autonomics and the types of automation, the consequences DBAs face if they don’t adopt a culture of IT automation, and more.

Following Mullins’s presentation, Hubert will demonstrate a customer use case on how one Infotel client saved significant costs in license fees on Db2 and migrated utilities to Infotel’s iDBA solution, eliminating the need for other administration solutions.

“From my experiences, it seems like many in IT believe they can automate everyone else’s job but not their own,” said Mullins. “When we build applications to support business service requests, we automate just about every job in our organizations. The truth is, most IT tasks and procedures can be streamlined and made more efficient using automation, including some aspects of Db2 database administration.”

More information on where and when to attend Mullins’s presentation at IDUG can be found at All attendeIDes will receive a copy of the slide deck after the event. For those unable to attend, Infotel will provide a download link for the presentation after the conference. Visit to subscribe to Infotel content in North America and to receive a link to the Infotel PSP slide deck.

While at IDUG Philadelphia, the Infotel team will be showcasing the latest version of their DB/IQ™ software v6.03, which has been updated for improved user experience and greater cost efficiency for DBAs.

DB/IQ v6.03 includes:

  • Improvements for Db2 SQL tuning (Check, Control, EXPLAIN)
  • Improvements in Eclipse Plugin which helps determine insufficient code and corresponding costs to the business if not amended
  • Improvements to Index Administrator for improved cost efficiency
  • Improvements to Package Manager to manage ALL Db2 packages and EXPLAIN tables
  • Improvements to Quality Assurance+ to allow you to completely eliminate expensive Db2 traces

Infotel invites IDUG attendees to stop by the Infotel booth (#8) throughout the conference to say hello and learn about Db2-related topics and customer use cases or discuss Infotel’s suite of mainframe performance and optimization solutions for IBM z/OS. Customers in attendance will have the opportunity to speak to one of Infotel’s most seasoned support resources, Technical Manager Thierry Hubert. Craig S. Mullins will also be at the Infotel booth to provide Infotel-sponsored consulting on 5/17 from 5:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

About Infotel

Infotel Corp., based in Tampa, Florida, is a software vendor and IT consulting firm specializing in data management, application performance, and optimization solutions across both distributed and mainframe platforms. For more than 40 years, Infotel has delivered proven solutions to help clients improve their data management systems.

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About Craig S. Mullins

Craig is President & Principal Consultant of Mullins Consulting, Inc. and the publisher of The Database Site. He has over three decades of experience in all facets of database systems development including creating and teaching database classes, systems analysis and design, data analysis, database administration, performance management, and data modeling.

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